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Dennis Galagher

Sune Gillin

Hi Mickey,

Apologies for not writing to you sooner.   I wanted to thank you for recommending

the Care Home in Yorba Linda.   My dad has been there since September and it is a huge improvement over the first home.    The owner and her husband are wonderful,

the home itself is lovely and the care he receives is great.  The owner  makes an

extra effort to take my dad to activities, which he thoroughly enjoys (even if he

doesn't  remember them later!)   My dad's  favorite thing is a simple car ride, so

she will take him to do errands with her when there are no other activities nice!  I am getting to know Yorba Linda and the drive there is 

very easy, so all and all, it has worked out.


Thank you for encouraging me to visit the Care Home,  I am glad we did and it is

a relief knowing my dad is well looked after.   The owner and I get along so well, it

is like family...a good feeling!


Best to you,

Sune Gillin

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  Thanks so much for helping our friend Gary and his family to find a nice place for his mom.  He was very pleased with your help and support.  It's great to know I can refer a friend or family member to Senior Living Options and they will be helped in a caring and professional manner.


Thank you!




Hi Mickey,


Thanks so much for the feedback.  I'm not sure how we could do this on our own!!


I'm certain more questions will follow but for now, thank you so much for helping us get started.




  Hi Mickey


     Thanks so much for your follow up on my dad.  We are hopeful that this move will be good for him.


  So, I will keep you posted and really look forward to referring you to others. You have such a compassionate heart and commitment to your job.






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